How it Works


Step One

Choose one friend from the group to be the leader. The leader enters in the drink information each round and tracks who pays for each round.

The leader gets points for being the data entry person.


Step Two

The Leader can initiate a group chat in the app seeking funny comments and one liners. 

The leader can award points to individuals in the chat for funny responses and take points away. 


Step Three

As the leader, you have final say over the embarrassing photo or funny fact to be posted at the end of the night. 


Coming Soon

OUR PLAN - We hope to redeem points for Rounder sway or various brewery and liquor swag. As we grow, we expect our swag bag to grow similarly.


Facts You Need to Know! 

Users can connect to Uber / Lyft to get home safely

Please Drink Responsibly 

Lastly, as always - Have Fun. Be Safe.